July 2016


Three retro investments you never considered

Artwork, classic cars, even stamps. There are plenty of different investment types out there for you to consider. If hedge funds and the stock market aren’t right for you, there are plenty of alternative routes for you to take, so why not try something more creative? Certainly if you’re a lover of all things vintage, you’re going to appreciate this list. We bring you three alternative, and rather retro, investment options that you may never have thought about before. Vintage perfumes An unusual one to make the list, but you... Read More


Eight reasons you should buy pre-owned jewellery

Aside from lower prices, there are so many more reasons why it is better to buy pre-owned pieces of jewellery – whether it’s a ring, bracelet or a watch – than brand new. If you love jewellery that has unique characteristics and want to preserve a piece for generations to come, then read on for our top eight reasons for exploring the pre-owned market. For personal reasons… 1) Own a piece of history When you buy a piece of jewellery brand new, there’s no doubt it’s nice to know that... Read More


Summer Proposals: Cliché or creative opportunity? Your ultimate guide to popping the question

It’s called the summer of love for a reason; perhaps because it’s the most popular season for weddings, and indeed the four little words that start it all. Research conducted by vintage jewellery specialists William May has found that more than one in three people believe that summer is the best time of year to pop the question. The reasons for asking your other half to marry you during the summer are endless: the weather is almost guaranteed to be better (even in the UK), it’s holiday season (meaning better... Read More