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5 Top Tips for Planning a Low-Key Wedding

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the 2020 wedding season, and many people have been forced to either cancel or postpone their dream day. We had put together a guide which originally had food and drink on the table, now that advice has changed! The government was currently looking at allowing small weddings to take place again in England, and under the latest advice issued, it’s now time to get out those wedding planners and work out a way to make your dream day a reality. One way... Read More


Top Tips for Cleaning Your Jewellery at Home

If you wear your jewellery every day, then not only will it lose its shine over time, but any recessed detail will also hold germs and store dirt. For this reason, under the current circumstances, keeping your jewellery clean and free from germs is more important than ever. According to ‘cleanfluencer’ Harriet Knock, “cleaning jewellery prolongs its life and keeps it sparkling and eye-catching. However, at the moment it’s more important than ever to clean our jewellery – especially rings, as they are on our hands and will come into... Read More


How to measure an accurate ring size from home

Knowing how to measure your ring size can be one of the most problematic parts of buying a ring online, whether for you or for another. This is especially challenging if you are trying to keep the ring as a secret gift, – such as an engagement ring – because you can’t visit a jeweller in person. So how do you find out this information if you’re looking to buy a beautiful gift for your loved one? How can you estimate ring size? In normal circumstances, the most reliable way... Read More


The UK’s most popular engagement ring for 2020 according to Instagram

Just as wedding dress trends change with fashion, so do jewellery styles. Although you need an engagement ring to be timeless (after all, you plan on wearing it for the rest of your life), you always want something that’s stylish and chic. Tens of thousands of proposals now take place every year, and Instagram gives newly #engaged couples the chance to share their big news with the world. In fact, Instagram is now even the go-to place for celebrity announcements, and Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Eva Longoria... Read More


The Four C’s: The Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide

When it comes to buying diamond jewellery there are four C’s that you need to consider: cut, colour, carat and clarity. Some qualities are considered more important than others when it comes to diamonds, so we have put together a simplified guide on what you need to look for.  Diamond CutCut is considered the most important of the 4 C’s because it has the largest effect on a diamond’s sparkle. We often consider the cut to be the shape i.e. (round, heart, oval, marquise, and pear, to name a few)... Read More


The Best Jewellery & Watches at The Oscars 2019

On Sunday night, the final event of the awards season took place which was, of course, the 91st Academy Awards i.e. the Oscars. There were some amazing winners this year including Best Actor going to Rami Malek for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody as Freddie Mercury. Also, Olivia Coleman who won Best Actress for her role in The Favourite. But what about the jewellery on the red carpet? The piece of jewellery that stole the show was, of course, the Tiffany diamond worn by Lady Gaga. The legendary 128.54 carat yellow... Read More


The History of Tag Heuer

The Heuer brand was founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860 and it didn’t take him long to file an impressive amount of patents. In 1869 they secured the patent for a keyless, crown-operated winding system for pocket watches. Then in 1882, they patented the company’s first chronograph. In 1887 Edouard’s son, Jules-Edouard, joined to work at the company but then, unfortunately, 5 years later, the founder Edouard Heuer passed away. Jules-Edouard carried on his father’s work and in 1895 the company filed yet another patent for its first water resistant... Read More


The Best Jewellery at the 2019 BAFTAs

Award season is well and truly underway and on Sunday night it was time for the BAFTAs. The Favourite dominated the awards with seven wins in total out of its twelve nominations. But, who was the winner on the red carpet? There were some breathtaking looks amongst all the celebrities, with their jewellery included. You can take a look at some of our favourites below. Cate Blanchett looked positively stunning in her custom Christopher Kane bejeweled bodice gown that was accessorised with a set of striking Pomellato rings. The rings were made... Read More


The UK’s Perfect Engagement Ring

What would your perfect engagement ring be? A shining band of platinum crested with a marquise cut diamond? How about one in rose or yellow gold set with a sapphire or perhaps a ruby? For most people, the engagement ring is an incredibly important and symbolic piece of jewellery. As a singular token of affection and devotion, the engagement ring has become an embodiment of love, and it’s for this reason that so many of us are keen to choose the right ring for our partners. Proposals can be nerve... Read More