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DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER- Get the iconic Bond Girl look with William May’s classic jewellery range

Since the Bond franchise hit our screens 50 years ago, audiences have been captivated by 007 and his worldwide adventures. However, no Bond film is truly complete without a stunning Bond girl and no Bond girl is truly complete without her iconic jewellery. Now everyone can live out the bond girl fantasy with William May Jewellers dazzling jewellery range that looks like it’s come straight out of the big screen! As rumours swirl that the new 007 may be a woman, William May takes a look back at the iconic... Read More


Ladies Chains Guide

Although most chains are unisex there are a few designs and link shapes we know are significantly more popular with women. Our extensive guide takes you through the most popular chain necklaces for women, whether they make great chains for pendants or necklaces and how to style them.     Brick  Chain Brick chains can come in all shapes and sizes and make equally good bracelets and necklaces. The brick pattern emerges the way the links and metal stack against each other in a woven mesh rather than a strand.... Read More


William May’s Guide to Men’s Chains

Although most chains are unisex there are a few designs and link shapes we know are significantly more popular with men. Our thorough guide takes you through the most popular chain necklaces for men and how to style them. Whether you’re looking for something a little bit more trendy or leaning on the classic side we’ll help you find the right chain and link shape to suit your style.     Stars & Bars Chain The stars and bars chain is very eye-catching for a chain. The links have ornate chunky links... Read More


Gold Chain Maintenance Guide

We know how important a good care and maintenance routine is to make our gold jewellery last longer and stay looking like new. As we have been selling both pre-owned and new jewellery since 1825, we know a thing or two about what to do if a gold chain gets wet or how to get a chain repaired. In this gold chain maintenance guide, we take a look at some of the most common questions we get asked about how to care for gold chains. We also share the best... Read More


William May Gold Chain Investment Guide

At William May, we have been specialising in gold chains since 1825, so we know a thing or two about buying an investment gold chain and how they appreciate in value. Not only do we want to guide you through the different styles of chain links but what to look for in an investment gold chain. If you are thinking of buying a gold chain as an investment piece the first thing we recommend is opting for a solid gold chain over a hollow gold chain. Both solid and hollow... Read More


Guide to Buying Second-Hand Jewellery

At William May, we love vintage and pre-owned jewellery. We’ve been in the jewellery industry for almost 200 years and we know a lot about which styles are timeless and why it’s a great idea to buy pre-owned jewellery. Many of our customers already know we are the online destination for pre-owned jewellery, but if you haven’t bought second-hand jewellery before then you might not know what to appreciate and to look out for. Follow our guidelines below which will help you to buy with confidence. Hallmarking  One of the... Read More


William May Chain Length Guide 

Men’s chain necklaces come in all styles and designs, with something for everyone. At William May we have one of the biggest online and in-store collections of heavy chains and necklaces for men. With regular new styles in, we have something that suits every fashion style, whether you want something discrete or whether you want to make a statement, perhaps you are looking for a few pieces to layer together or something to wear every day.  Choosing the perfect chain necklace is about picking the right chain style, width and length.... Read More


A Full guide to Signet Rings

At William May, we love timeless and stylish jewellery, and what could be more enduring than the signet ring. The history of signet rings is filled with gravitas, secret meanings, and personal significance. Read our full guide to signet rings to find out why these rings remain an iconic piece of jewellery and why they are sometimes called “the gentleman’s ring”.   What is a signet ring? Signet rings are traditionally oval shaped flat rings with a raised or engraved design. These rings were used to sign documents by pressing the... Read More

Signet Rings 25/03/2021

The Most Popular Pieces Of Jewellery For Men In The UK

Based on customer search data we have recently conducted, we’ve identified the three most popular pieces of jewellery worn by men across the UK… “These are the most popular jewellery styles for men that attract the most searches on our website from across the UK. They are also classic pieces that our expert valuation teams identify as being the most competitively priced. As with all precious jewellery and luxury watches, buying pre-owned pieces offers the best value for customers. We saw a 250% increase in online sales in 2020 and... Read More


Give The Gift Of Jewellery This Mother’s Day

Over the past year, so many mums have juggled work, home life and home schooling for their families. This year, unable to be treated to a Mother’s Day meal out, many families are more likely to search online for an extra special gift… We are seeing a sharp rise in the popularity of ‘Mum’ themed jewellery online as a result of this. As the UK’s largest online pre-owned jewellery e-retailer, we recognise how popular pre-owned jewellery is. Our Managing Director Nick Withington believes lockdown and social distancing has led to... Read More