Fed up of waiting for your man to propose? Despite being in a healthy and happy relationship, some men simply take their time. However, this February 29th presents women with the perfect excuse to turn the tables.

Tradition states that a woman can propose to her potential fiancé on February 29th. This date only comes around every 4 years, so you better take the opportunity whilst you still can!

How to propose to your boyfriend

There are plenty of guides to the perfect proposal out there, but most are exclusively written for men. Ladies, it’s high time you start taking matters into your own hands! If you want that dream proposal, you've got to go out there and make it happen.

You’re making a statement to him, no one else

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when planning a proposal. Some women feel as if they’re making a statement by being the one to propose and choose to do so in a public way. However, your partner may prefer a personal and private setting. Of course, you’re going against the conventional route but this is still a personal moment.

Make it more than four little words

Whilst many people focus on organising the moment when they’ll pop the question, you must also think about how you’re going to actually ask too. You don’t want to end up tongue tied when the moment strikes! Don’t underestimate the rush of emotions you’ll face when you finally ask the question. There’s a chance that feelings may overwhelm you, but if you prepare in advance you’ll have a better chance of saying what you need to.

Share some memories, tell them how much they mean to you and show them that your heart is in every word you say. Abruptly blurting out a proposal could ruin the moment, so don’t overlook this important part. Hiding the ring in food at a candle lit meal, creating a photobook of memories with the ring hidden on the last page and even creating an elaborate ruse with the whole family involved; some of the most memorable proposal stories we've heard don’t involve those four little words at all.

Spontaneity can be great, but when it comes to your proposal you should always plan ahead. You want everything to be just perfect and rightly so! This is a moment you’ll both cherish forever so make it count.

Who gets the ring when a woman proposes?

Can you imagine getting down on one knee, only to present yourself with a ring? It does seem a little peculiar but when women propose to their partner, there are a few ways they can do it.

Present him with a small gesture

Instead of involving a ring, you could present your husband with an engraved bracelet or vintage watch. This is something he can easily incorporate into his everyday attire and is much more subtle than an engagement ring. It still acts as a timeless reminder of your proposal like an engagement ring would.

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Choose the ring at a later date

Once they've been proposed to, some men may feel like they've missed the opportunity to make a romantic gesture. Involving them in the process of choosing your engagement ring at a later date gives them the chance to return the favour.

Shortlist some styles that you like and let him choose from there on. This gives you some of the element of surprise, as you won’t know which of the rings you’ll be receiving. It also paves the way for a joint discussion on budgeting. Instead of your partner feeling pressured into finding the biggest diamond available, you can both talk about your options together and he’ll have a clearer idea of what you want.

We found that 42% of women would wear a ring that they didn't like so as not to upset or offend their partner. You can avoid this scenario by ensuring your engagement ring is a joint decision made after the proposal.

Male engagement rings?

If you like him, then you should put a ring on it. Yes, men can wear engagement rings too! This is a relatively new trend, but one that is emerging quickly as traditions start to fade away. If we are indeed breaking away from certain marriage proposal customs, why should we stick to tradition when it comes to the rings?

What if he says no?

A marriage proposal is not to be taken lightly. It is a huge commitment and one that you both ideally should talk about in advance. You don’t have to tell him your intentions before you propose, that would ruin the surprise, but it might be worth gauging his reaction when you discuss getting married in the future.

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You must be absolutely sure you are proposing for the right reasons. Make this about you both, a personal moment that you’ll share forever. We’re certain that if you've already discussed your future together, there’s no reason why you shouldn't hear that all-important ‘yes’!

However, if you are a stickler for tradition, there are some strange quirks that come with a leap year proposal.

If your partner says no, he’ll have to compensate you with a rose, a £1 coin and a pair of gloves. This is of course quite an old tradition and one that varies across different countries. The one consistent component is the gloves, so that a woman can hide her engagement finger should anyone expect to see an engagement ring. We told you that some marriage proposal traditions are weird!