September 2018


October Birthstone Opal: The Stone of Colour

Opal was once known as the Queen of Gems because you can see the colours of all other gemstones in it. Every single opal is one of a kind with not one being the same as any other. Some may centre around the blues or the green shades whilst others focus more on the reds and yellows. Another aspect of the opal is that when it is turned and moved, the colour will shift so that the opal will always look different. Opals have been compared to volcanoes, galaxies and... Read More


The Story of the Eternity Ring

An eternity ring symbolises the everlasting love between two people as well as the ‘eternity’ a married couple plan to share together. The first time that eternity rings were created was approximately 4,000 years ago during Egyptian times. While the Egyptians didn’t use the rings to mark a special occasion, they were given to their significant other as a symbol of both eternal love and life. Early examples that were found were just an ordinary circle of metal, usually set with stones either on the top half of the ring or around... Read More


Watch Winders: What are they & do i need one?

What do you need a watch winder for? An automatic watch is designed to stay fully wound whilst you are wearing it due to their sophisticated spring mechanism. The natural turns of your wrist and movements keep your watch wound. However, once you remove your watch, it will stop running in one or two days. If you put your watch in a watch winder, it will simulate the movements of your wrist so it will always be ready for you wear it. A few reasons why you should buy a... Read More


How to Guide: Layering Necklaces

Layering is everywhere right now. It has been around for a while but it doesn’t look like its going anywhere anytime soon. Layering is so versatile and you can create numerous different looks by changing up your chains. You can mix textures, styles, and more…the possibilities are endless. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips for creating the perfect layered look. Start off simple Start off with simple more delicate pieces and then build up your look with different textures and lengths, like lariats and chokers. Wear different lengths If... Read More