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Ring Sizing

If you have found the perfect ring for you or maybe even your future fiance but it is the wrong size, it may be possible to have it resized. Below are some questions answered about ring sizing that should help you.

How long does resizing take?
Resizing usually takes 7-10 working days in our in-house workshop but we always aim to send it out to you as soon as possible.

How much does resizing cost?
Each ring can vary depending on what material it is made from and how many sizes it is going up or down. To find out a specific price please get in touch via email enquiry@william-may.co.uk or call us on 0161 205 3575.

Can any ring be resized?
Unfortunately, not every ring can be resized as it depends on how the stones are set so it is always best to ask us first if a ring can be resized. With the majority of our rings, we will double-check with the workshop before going ahead with the alteration to make sure it is safe to do so and the ring will not be damaged in any way.

How is a ring made larger?
Quality is of the utmost importance to us here at William May, so when a ring is made larger a piece of material that the ring is made of e.g. platinum will be inserted into the ring and not stretched which you will find in a lot of high street jewellers.

How is a ring made smaller?
To make a ring smaller, a cut is made into the band of the ring and metal is then removed. The ring is then reshaped and soldered back together and then finally polished so there is no visible mark of where the ring was adjusted.

How do I pay for my resizing cost?
We will create a unique product on our website for your alteration. We can send you the link via email or you can simply type the product code of your ring into the search bar on our website when it is live and add it to your basket.

Will the hallmark on my ring be lost from the resizing?
When a ring is being resized we will always aim to avoid adjusting the hallmark, however, sometimes it is the only option. Before you confirm and pay for your ring to be resized we will always make you aware if the hallmark will be lost during the ring alteration. Once it has been resized, we can then send it off to the Assay Office to be re-hallmarked. Please be aware that this will add an additional delay to you receiving your ring.

Can I return my ring once it has been resized?
Once a ring has been resized it can be returned to us, however, we will not refund the alteration cost.