March 2018


April Birthstone: Diamond – The Stone of Eternity

April is a month of joke’s and ‘fools’, of Easter and the part of spring where flowers start bursting into life and colour. But April is arguably the most special month of the year because of its birthstone – the diamond. A diamond is the traditional April birthstone, and is thought to represent eternal love, strength, courage and health. Throughout history, birthstones were believed to contain magical properties. And wearing diamonds, specifically, was thought to bring balance and clarity to the wearer. Additionally, when paired with amethyst, it was believed... Read More


Why Buy a Pre-Owned Watch from William May

Have you ever thought about buying a pre-owned watch? Or are you one of the many who wouldn’t consider it due to a predisposed idea that new watches are superior? This is a very common fear – that a pre-owned product won’t be as shiny and attractive as a new one – or that it would be more prone to faults. We can assure you that this is not true and we can give you some genuine reasons why you should invest in a pre-owned watch. 1. Less Expensive To... Read More


Engagement Rings Expectations

A Matter of Wife and Debt How much men across the country would spend on an engagement ring, compared to how much woman think they should spend. The map below shows the regional disparity values of expectation vs. reality. Please hover over the Male, Female and Disparity icons to show the figures for each.  


The Oscars: The Best Jewellery on the Red Carpet

This year’s Academy Awards took place on Sunday and saw countless incredibly talented actors, producers, directors, writers, designers, animators and those of many other creative talents come together under one roof to be honoured for their hard work in the film industry. As always, the glamorous outfits took our breath away. We were awed by suave suits and shimmering gowns but we were, of course, mainly mesmerized by the jewellery. Diamonds featured heavily at this year’s ceremony but we can understand that. Diamonds are, of course, forever – and so... Read More


March Birthstone – Aquamarine: a stone of serenity

If you were born in March, you will, of course, be aware that your birthday month marks the beginning of spring. It’s a month of little lambs and fluffy ducklings, daffodils, Easter eggs and an excuse for fancy dress (World Book Day). But what you might not know is that March is the month of the Aquamarine – a beautiful sea coloured stone with properties of happiness and understanding. The word aquamarine, unsurprisingly, comes from the Latin for seawater and the gem itself has been treasured since ancient times. Back... Read More