February 2018


Diamonds are a mum’s best friend

With Mother’s Day springing up in the not so distant future, we know it can be stressful trying to think of a gift for that extraordinary lady in your life. Here at William May, we want gift giving to be a blissful experience – which is why we’re sharing our expertise in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide. We have a fabulous selection of sparkles available, perfect for every sense of style. So whether she likes chunky bracelets, dainty earrings or anything in between, we’ll have something her heart desires. If... Read More


Engagement Rings through the Ages

Engagement rings (of a kind) have been around since the beginnings of humanity. Cavemen would plait blades of grass and stems to tie around the wrists of their partner, thinking to cast her under his control. So although this isn’t exactly a romantic gesture, it’s still a ‘til death do us part’. The traditional engagement ring came about thousands of years later when the people of Ancient Egypt made it into a symbol of romance. Similar to those in the stone ages, they braided reeds. But the Egyptians exchanged them... Read More


February Birthstone: Amethyst – a Crystal of Power

Those born in February have a wonderful birthday month. It’s a short month filled with Valentine’s hearts, pancakes, snowflakes and an extra day every four years. But the best part of being a February baby is the birthstone. Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a kind of quartz that comes in a remarkable shade of purple – varying from deep violet and rich indigo to a pale blend of lilac. Ancient Greeks and Romans used Amethysts in beads and amulets and viewed the stone as extremely valuable and luxurious. It... Read More


Be the perfect Valentine

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s now time to start thinking about a gift for the special person in your life. And what says ‘I love you’ more than jewellery? Whether you’re buying for a jewellery fanatic or someone who likes a classic piece every now and then, we’ve got the perfect present for them. Here at William May, we’ve got an array of necklaces, bracelets, rings and all precious trinkets in between, to suit any budget. We’ve even got an abundance of beautiful pieces for less than £50! If you’re... Read More