April 2015


Our survey says… A classic watch never goes out of style!

As vintage watch specialists, we have a passion for premium quality timepieces. Shining stainless steel bracelets, polished minute markers and water-resistant cases really are our forte here at William May. But does the rest of the nation share our love for the classic watch? According to our research, over 60% of people surveyed would prefer to wear a classic watch over a smartwatch. Despite the forthcoming release of Apple’s much-anticipated smartwatch, people would still rather opt for style over technology. A traditional watch holds sentimental value, as they are pieces... Read More


Jewellery alchemy – How to mix up your metals

Our jewellery boxes are overflowing with treasured gems that we rarely wear together, but there is no reason why you can’t create an amazing look with multiple minerals and metals. The metals that we use for jewellery consist of a unique palette of colours that complement and contrast with one another when worn at the same time. However, these interesting colours will never have the chance to shine if we don’t mix them up. Nobody has ever said, “I can’t buy that, I have enough jewellery already!” so why should... Read More


It’s not all about diamonds: The alternative gemstone revival

The rocks and minerals collection at The University of Manchester’s Manchester Museum displays an array of awe-inspiring precious rocks and gemstones. After a short walk through the mezzanine, we found ourselves thinking – why must diamonds be a girl’s only best friend? This stunning collection of glittering stones shouldn’t be overlooked. Their decadent splendour is quite simply undeniable and whilst they look like they’re from another world, we were shocked to find out some of these had been found as close to home as Yorkshire. From geological structures to the... Read More