February 2015


4 style tips for red carpet readiness

It’s time to slip into more appropriate attire for the new season. But wait, before you swap your winter coat for a light jacket, we aren’t talking about the transition into spring. It’s time to adorn your ball gown and your sharpest suit for award ceremony season. While award ceremonies were first introduced to commemorate the talent and hard work of the artists who had been nominated, they have become equally synonymous for their displays of high fashion and style. Every year, hundreds of onlookers gather to view the magnificently-dressed... Read More


A history of prestige: The story behind Rolex

Rolex has been an iconic name in the watchmaking industry for over a century. It is proudly worn on the wrists of the elite and powerful, for its intricate designs and perpetual innovation have earned the company prestigious status. But what really makes Rolex tick? Amending the perceptions of time A rich history takes us right back to 1905 when the founder of Rolex, Hans Waldorf, spent his days selling timepieces in London. Aged 24, he had no idea what would become of his business, but he had visions of... Read More


Will your girlfriend be proposing this Valentine’s Day?

Since the beginning of time, men have always proposed to women and never the other way around. But change is in the air, as we surveyed nearly a thousand people across the UK and found that 59.3% agreed that women should challenge tradition and ask men to marry them. Would you say ‘yes’ if your girlfriend popped the big question? It’s not surprising to find that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose on. Romance is in the air, expectations are high and... Read More